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BOS in the world again!

The pioneer of oriental herbal cosmetics, 'Baek Ok-saeng', embraces a public company!

BOS Group's Baek Ok-saeng Korea Co., Ltd. (Chairman Lee Sang-hoon) is on the verge of acquiring a public company in its leap to become a global top-tier enterprise, having declared the slogan "Back to the world again!" in 2022.

Chairman Lee Sang-hoon of Baek Ok-saeng, who successfully facilitated the acquisition of a public company, returned to Baek Ok-saeng in 2018 with a commitment to the "white-robed allegiance" and has since pursued the company's ethos of 'dedicating oneself to only seeking the best.' Over the past five years, he has spearheaded remarkable corporate growth and is planning to acquire a prominent listed company through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in early November.

Notably, as the flagship K-BEAUTY brand possessing over 500 types of oriental herbal ingredients since the foundation of Jeongsan Industrial (Jeongsan Biotech), Baek Ok-saeng's predecessor, which celebrates its 44th anniversary this year, has established and set a major goal of expanding globally over the past five years, with one of its main objectives being the acquisition of a listed company.

The acquisition of a listed company by Baek Ok-saeng, a privately held company, is already a hot topic and a significant issue in the beauty and health industry.

Moreover, the establishment of an R&D center for manufacturing production for Baek Ok-saeng, the pioneer of oriental herbal cosmetics, signifies a tremendous synergy effect in being able to produce needed products through cosmetic OEM and ODM orders.

Made in Korea products must be firmly supported by manufacturing companies to enhance our country's competitiveness through the development of new, cutting-edge technologies, competing as a brand of new value creation.

Baek Ok-saeng Korea Co., Ltd. is anticipated to ascend as a global luxury brand, establishing its position in the world and advancing to a more developed global brand than its current corporate value, through capital investments and inflow of capital from the capital market following the acquisition of a public company.

The acquisition and merger (M&A) of a leading domestic listed company becomes a significant issue in the beauty and health industry.

The late Chairman Kim Seong-nyeong, the founder of Baek Ok-saeng who developed 'Shams,' the world's first feminine cleanser, and left a great legacy and achievement by getting it listed in the Guinness World Records for organic oriental herbal cosmetics, had a final mission to "create a company where consumers are the owners." This mission is continuously being fulfilled.

Chairman Lee Sang-hoon's achievements include the launch of natural herbal wax and the establishment of BOS Academy, pouring passion into natural herbal cosmetics and the cultivation of beauty talent. Over the past few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, he developed and launched Red Ginseng Graviola, an immune health product for public health.

With the opening of the IPFS IDC Center, the promotion of the development of a K-BEAUTY online platform, and investments in a K-BEAUTY online mall, he has focused on enhancing the brand value, declaring Baek Ok-saeng's vision as the leading K-BEAUTY brand. Despite the ups and downs over the decade following the founder's passing, he managed to solidify the company's foundation in just five years.

Meanwhile, with the acquisition of a listed company, there is a plan to expand Baek Ok-saeng's unique oriental herbal cosmetics globally, carrying a blueprint to spread worldwide. Various business plans are being established to achieve a sales goal of 500 billion won by 2024, up from 200 billion won in sales this year.

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