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Bianco is creating a new paradigm for rewards payments.


The BIANCO platform aims to be a human resource-based platform business in a metaverse ecosystem based on blockchain.

It also builds an ecosystem that can be shared with people who want to use e-commerce, utilizing tokens to make it safe and effective.

Provides QR code-based mobile payment solutions and reward pools through the IPPEUM app



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- BIANCO Project Planning and Platform App Development

- Content & Service Planning

- IPPEUM Metaverse Planning

- Earn customer rewards and Build infrastructure for collecting market


- Building the Datebase

- BIANCO token generating

- Listed on global exchanges

- Designed IPPEUM user app

- Global marketing and partner building

- Designing a dealer sales headquarters

- Developing a dealer sales headquarters

- Building a reward system

- Build server and operating environment

- Verifying system stability and security

- Development of BIANCO in-app exchange system

- Introduction of customer reward service operation system

- Activate utilized customer reward accumulation/redemption partial service

- Start promotional marketing


Through the IPPEUM app, we plan to build a global platform that promotes consumer engagement through rewards and activates corporate promotion.

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