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Baek Ok-saeng Korea, MOU for the Joint Establishment of the Largest Domestic 'IPFS IDC Center'

[Chungnam=NewsFreeZone] Reporter Park Nari = Baek Ok-saeng Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baek Ok-saeng, CEO Lee Sang-hoon) signed an MOU for the joint establishment of the 'IPFS IDC Center' on April 29th at the Baek Ok-saeng Asan headquarters located in Asan City, Chungnam.

Commemorative photo taken after signing the MOU for the joint establishment of the IPFS IDC

At the signing ceremony held that day, BOS B&H Co., Ltd.'s Chairman Kim Sung-chul and Vice Chairman Lee Sang-hoon, along with Baek Ok-saeng's advisor Kim Sung-il, DataFarm Co., Ltd.'s CEO Park Man-heum, and AXA Flex System's CEO Ahn Byung-chul, were present.

Baek Ok-saeng announced the groundbreaking establishment of the largest domestic IPFS IDC data center for Filecoin mining, aiming to leap into a first-class conglomerate based on blockchain, beauty, and health technologies. This move intends to create value for the K-Beauty leading brand and present a vision for the manufacturing and distribution industry.

At the ceremony, the three companies signed an agreement to cooperate in making Baek Ok-saeng a company where "consumers are the owners," aiming to grow into a company loved

by all humanity, including membership members, franchisees, and partners.

Distinguished guests included CastlePark Holdings Co., Ltd.'s Chairman Kim Young-sook, SK Securities' Director Kim Tae-moon, Bicen Bio/Bicen Pharmaceuticals' General Chairman Son Seon-hwan, ELLE Cosmetics' CEO Choi Kyu-cheol, Huvert Co., Ltd.'s CEO Bang Jin-jo, Forex / BOS Invest's Chairman Lee Chu-ja, We Together Co., Ltd.'s Chairman Choi Tae-young, Korea Philip Healing Industry Co., Ltd.'s CEO Park Kyung-nam, Jinseno Co., Ltd.'s Director Yoon Hee-hyun, Jihwa Hexagon Water's CEO Kim Yeon-tae, Hong Eo Seongcho's CEO Song Jeong-ah, among many other officials, gracing the event.

CEO Lee Sang-hoon of Baek Ok-saeng Korea Co., Ltd. (Vice Chairman of Baek Ok-saeng Group)

Additionally, Baek Ok-saeng is planning to initiate the establishment of the globally anticipated 'Data Center (IPFS IDC)' from next month through this MOU, garnering high expectations to lead a society free from hacking by being faster and more secure.

Meanwhile, Baek Ok-saeng, celebrating its 42nd anniversary on May 23rd, has been a pioneer of natural oriental herbal cosmetics and a leading K-Beauty brand. Since last March, it has been the first in the country to push forward with a 'beauty device rental business.'

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